Job: Administrative Office Manager

Title Administrative Office Manager
Category Medical Administrative Support
Experience 1+2 years

Administrative Office Manager

Under direct supervision of the Administrative Director, Clinical Operations and working closely with Medical/Program Directors and faculty is directly responsible for the core administrative support functions in Anatomic Pathology, as well as administrative support for other sub-specialty clinical service and programs in Anatomic Pathology.

  1. Supervises and directs the work of 21 administrative assistants, 1 receptionist, and 5 consult services/materials management clerks in the Main Anatomic Pathology, Women’s & Perinatal Pathology and Neuropathology divisions, and subspecialty groups at multiple physical locations.  These individuals collectively process approximately 85,000 preliminary and final anatomic pathology reports, derived from transcribing surgical pathology reports from eScription software and paper notes, typing final diagnosis reports, scanning Anatomic Pathology case paperwork and slide files and accessioning and tracking of consult cases, and management of cross coverage and integration of multiple groups in different physical locations.


  1. Management of the timely production of patent reports from dictations from outside transcription service, written documents, and other transcription formats for preliminary and final pathologic diagnostic reports.  This includes management of the relationship with outside firms, Health Information Management as well as Departmental medical staff to ensure timely and precise patient diagnostic reports.  Production delays can result in significant clinical and financial consequences.  Communication to Department and knowledge of constituents and processes to identify, troubleshoot and manage delays is routinely part of the daily leadership in this area.


  1. Directs a high volume anatomic pathology Consult Services function, including 1 Administrative Supervisor and 4 clerical staff, which includes the management of return of pathology materials from outside institutions to originating institution, requests for second opinions on cases originating in Pathology, as well as management of requests for retrieval of archived pathology slides from off-site storage. Annual volume of consult reports is approximately 20,000 and requests for archival information currently approximately 15,000.


  1. Oversees the receptionist function for all Anatomic Pathology office areas, which are responsible for providing prompt and professional response to requests for a variety of information from in-house and referring physicians, their support staff as well as direct patient requests.


  1. Maintaining a high degree of sensitivity to confidential employee management and  confidentiality, manages  multiple all aspects of Human Resources activity involving the  hiring, disciplining action up to and including termination, training and orientation of surgical pathology secretarial staff.  Establishes and maintains all employee records such as attendance and vacation records, absenteeism records and corrective action documentation. This requires a close working relationship with Human Resources, Administrative Director and in some cases Executive Director.  Responsible for timekeeping using the Kronos system.


  1. Working closely with Medical Directors of all of the clinical subspecialty division and services in Anatomic Pathology; coordinates and oversees clinical secretarial aspects of service coverage provided by support staff in those areas. Assist with the training and workload coordination of other administrative support aspects of clinical subspecialty division staff as needed.  This requires a high degree of customer service skills and the ability to train and mentor all subordinates in these relationships.


  1. Works closely with representative management and staff from the DFCI to ensure smooth workflows and a solid working relationship between the two organizations.  This key relationship requires high degree of  customer service with a varied and complicated set of sub-speciality disease center support staff to ensure correct registration, accessioning , and triaging and results reporting for institutional clients within prescribed turnaround times. Manages timely response to inquiries on case status and return of appropriate patient case materials.


  1. Prepare and revise policies and procedures regarding administrative support for Surgical Pathology, troubleshoots problems, and make recommendations regarding system improvements. Work closely with Administrator on budget preparation, budget management, and cost saving initiatives.


  1. Accessions consults into the PowerPath system and types final diagnosis reports, as necessary. If workload requires it, assists other secretaries in typing transcription from eScription software.


  1. Understand and consistently adheres to hospital procedures relating to the purchasing of supplies and other relevant forms for use in office. Responsible that all supply levels are maintained at acceptable levels. In conjunction with the Administrative Director, Transcriptionists’ input, and departmental IT resources, makes decisions on purchasing equipment, educational products and reference materials.


  1. Responsible for maintenance and care of equipment used by various members of office staff. Reviews and makes recommendations for leases and service contracts for dictation and transcription equipment.


  1. Responsible for the oversight and supervision of the maintenance and care of all slide files.


  1. Coordinates accurate pathology laboratory charges for specimens received from other hospitals (Part A and B).


  1. Maintains established department policies, procedures, objectives, quality assurance, safety, environmental and infection control.  Assures that all staff are in constant compliance with all hospital policies, HIPAA, CMS, and Joint Commission standards, among others.



B.A. or B.S. degree and 1 – 2 years of supervisory/management experience required. M.S. or M.A. degree and/or completion of an accredited professional program manager or administrative assistant program plus supervisory experience highly desired.

3-5 years of related secretarial/administrative support experience, especially in an academic medical center highly desirable, exposure to and working knowledge of medical coding and billing, front office procedures, and medical transcription.

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