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Submitting Your Resume to ASI

We are committed to making your search for employment a satisfying and rewarding experience. To make sure of this, we’ve provided valuable tools that are listed to the left which are sure to help you as you search with us.

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Preparing Your Resume

Whatever position you set your eyes on, one of the first steps is the preparation of your resume.  We have compiled a list of action verbs, words and phrases describing character traits, and a few sample resumes for you to use as guidelines as you put your resume together.

As you go through the list of verbs and traits, you may find that your resume contains words not found in the lists.  Email these to us and we’ll add them to the lists!  This will help others visiting this site.  Your contribution is valued! Click here for the action verb, key words and phrase list.

Preparing for Your Interview

Prepping for your interviews is very important.  First impressions are critical. Check out our interview preparation tips.

Fill Out An Application

After you contact our office to set up an appointment, you can reduce the amount of time you spend in our office by filling out your application at home and bring it in with you when you come in to interview.  You will find a medical application for temp and temp-to-hire positions, a temporary application for general office support, and a permanent employment application.


Some of your questions may be answered right here in our Frequently Asked Questions page

Referral Bonus Program

Check out our Referral Bonus Program! We pay you for referring a friend! To learn more, just ask us at your interview

Free Virus Check

Are you sending your resume to us, or to anyone, for that matter, attached in an email? You may be surprised. Use this free software to find out.